Hop For Free and We’ll Plant A Tree!

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Since the beginning, the primary goal of Hopper Carts has been to get you from point A to point B with no cost to you or the environment. We take a lot of pride in being more than just a transportation company, but also being an eco-friendly company helping to save the environment.

This month we are going to deepen the roots. We have teamed up with LifeWtr to plant a tree for every 25 Hopper rides during November. You hop, we plant. It’s as simple as that!

We are very excited to partner with companies like LifeWtr that share the same views on helping the environment as we do. Together we will reduce emissions, plant trees, and get you to where you’re going!

Our unique carts are 100% electric and have ZERO emissions. Just one Hopper keeps over 11,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions out of the air every year. Our goal is to get you to where you’re going, help our beautiful planet, and give you an unforgettable experience!

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Download our updated app and check out the new features. Request a ride and we’ll let you know we’re on the way. Don’t forget to bring your friends because we’ve got room for five!

Save some money, have some fun, and save the earth!

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