Bring Hopper To Your City

Change the way people experience your city

Give people fast, safe and eco-friendly transportation.

Connect your city like never before.

Hopper Carts offers on demand transportation that connects communities, improves visitor experience and helps alleviate parking problems.

Our drivers are community ambassadors that provide an unforgettable ride.

Reach out and see how Hopper Carts can help you.

“With innovation at the core of their business model, the team at Hopper Carts provides a free-ride service which offers safety while promoting sustainability and community.”

Tim Wolf Starr
Owner Small Business Beanstalk, Interim Director Connects Columbus, Create Columbus Board Memember

“Services like Hopper Carts are providing a new transportation option that benefits the community, residents, and visitors.  I hope to see more ridesharing vehicles like this, serving small areas and adding first mile last mile options that compliment public transportation and encourage local commerce.”

Ryan Mcmanus
CEO @ AVE AutoMedia, Entrepreneur In Residence @ Smart Columbus


To Bring Hopper To Your City we just need a little information

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